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Innovation long has been a source of optimal and sustained economic growth, and that has only grown more important with increasingly rapid technological change.

The competition for investments in innovation is fierce.

States that harness innovation, and the cutting-edge companies associated with it, are capturing a disproportionately generous share of economic growth, generating tax revenue and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem cultivates the highly paid, sustainable jobs that top workers seek.

Like it or not, Pennsylvania is engaged in a competition with other U.S. regions – and now, countries across the globe – to secure its future economic well-being. The challenge is making sure Pennsylvania remains at the forefront.

A Proven Track Record

For nearly 40 years, the Ben Franklin Technology Partners has been leading the way, building an ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives entrepreneurial success. It remains one of the longest-running and most successful programs of its kind in the nation.

With its proven track record, Ben Franklin has been a catalyst for economic and entrepreneurial growth throughout the Commonwealth, even as other states have adopted competing technology-based economic development programs of their own.

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