AlphaLab is Innovation Works’ mentorship-driven startup accelerator designed to build and launch innovative startup companies.

Companies selected to participate in AlphaLab’s program are given $25,000 in seed investment, office space, education sessions, extensive mentoring, and connections to the entrepreneurial and investor community. Since 2008, AlphaLab has helped launch 47 companies and sent over 100 entrepreneurs through its intensive 20-week program. Recently, AlphaLab has been ranked among the Top 15 Startup Accelerators in the Nation.

Though companies participating in this program have traditionally been in the software, web, and mobile space, recently AlphaLab has broadened its approach to include more agile hardware companies or any other companies that can make significant progress and reach significant milestones during 20-weeks.

AlphaLab’s eighth cycle of companies was selected from a record number of applications and started their program in January. We hope you’ll join IW, the Southwestern PA Ben Franklin Technology Partner, on May 23 in person or through our live streaming service to see our companies present to a roomful of investors and other stakeholders at AlphaLab Demo Day.

For an invite to the event or link to the live video stream, please email Susan Bower at

Current AlphaLab companies include:

Accel Diagnostics
Accel Diagnostics is developing pScreen™, a lab-on-chip protein diagnostic platform that enables inexpensive, disposable, credit-card sized devices to be used for the rapid and low-cost diagnosis of infectious and chronic diseases at the point-of-care. pScreen™’s ability to deliver an accurate diagnosis within 30 minutes results in a higher quality of care at a significantly lower cost.

ActivAided Orthotics
ActivAided Orthotics offers a custom rehabilitative body suit that uses biofeedback to teach users self-corrective habits to remedy lower back pain. Over 26 million Americans under the age of 65 experience frequent back pain, resulting in limitations in physical activity. This unique wearable solution enables people to recover, quickly and conveniently, while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Bracketz helps marketers engage their online audiences with interactive, tournament-style marketing promotions – driving user engagement, data collection, and revenue generation.

HeadRight Games
HeadRight Games is a game development studio creating casual games for PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Led by industry veteran Matt Rodgers, HeadRight is currently working on their first project, a hidden object puzzle adventure game.

Insurance Zebra
InsuranceZebra allows users to instantly compare accurate and unbiased quotes from all major insurance carriers, turning the time-consuming and difficult task of shopping for insurance into a quick and easy process.

RoommateFit is an eHarmony for roommates, and uses a research-based matching questionnaire to create compatible roommate pairings. Bad roommate pairings are a major factor in freshman dropouts, which have a direct financial impact on the 3500 universities across the country.