Ben Franklin


Established Companies

Technology drives innovation. To move from “survive” to “thrive,” established companies must become agile enough to adopt technological process improvements and refine their product offerings.

But companies are not always aware of the newest innovations that can keep their businesses alive and enable them to thrive.

BFTP provides established firms with financing, business expertise and connections to a professional network of well-established resources, including the state’s top colleges and universities. This access enables companies to pursue the strategic efforts that have the greatest potential to improve competitiveness, increase market share and reduce costs through product innovation and process improvement. BFTP also works with corporations seeking alliances with new enterprises and emerging technologies.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

If you are an established business looking to gain that competitive edge, improve processes, make your product line more appealing to today’s global marketplace—and keep well-paying jobs here in Pennsylvania—contact your regional Ben Franklin partner today.