Ben Franklin


Higher Education & Research

Since 1983, we have successfully invested in and fostered collaboration among universities, researchers, medical institutions and companies to nurture the best discoveries and transfer them to the marketplace.

Pennsylvania’s universities and colleges are powerhouses of intellect, ideas and innovation. Our efforts include partnerships, grants, proof-of-concept funding, business and technical expertise and the support of innovative, collaborative professional networks.

Some of the greatest innovations of our times have been born inside the labs of the Commonwealth’s many colleges and universities. BFTP plays an active role helping support Centers of Excellence—including the Center for Optical Technologies at Lehigh University, the Center for Food Innovation at Penn State and multi-institutional collaborative efforts like the NanoTechnology Institute in the Greater Philadelphia area, among many others.

Technology Transfer

BFTP works closely with technology transfer offices at colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania. We help identify commercial applications for leading-edge research, enabling the research to move beyond concept and into the marketplace, creating high-paying jobs and boosting the economy.

If you are interested in learning more about how BFTP works with colleges and universities, contact your regional Ben Franklin partner today.