Ben Franklin


Who We Work With

Ben Franklin Technology Partners works with a wide range of industries and companies throughout the Commonwealth.

We are distinctly positioned to fuel technology innovation throughout the state in such diverse areas as alternative and clean energy, information technology, powder metals, plastics, nanotechnology, life sciences, optoelectronics, micro-electronics, robotics, advanced manufacturing, environmental technology and many more.

We work with early-stage technology firms, established companies, angel investors and venture capitalists, colleges and universities

We work with early-stage technology firms, established companies, angel investors and venture capitalists, colleges and universities.

Entrepreneurs and start-up companies

BFTP helps young companies by providing sound business advice, access to a wide-reaching network of experts, and a financial bridge between the personal assets of the entrepreneur and funding from outside investors. This gives start-up companies the momentum to develop prototypes, build their management teams and win early customers.

Established companies

BFTP provides established firms with financing as well as business and technical expertise to adopt and integrate enterprise-wide technology solutions. This enables them to pursue strategic efforts that offer the greatest potential to improve competitiveness, increase market share and reduce costs through product innovation and process improvement.


BFTP enables growing companies to identify and access the right capital at the right time through extensive, positive relationships with angel investors, venture capitalists and other financial, government and economic development partners. We help client companies develop funding strategies, identify potential investors and secure follow-on funding.

Higher Education and Research

BFTP fosters collaboration among universities, medical institutions and companies to nurture the best discoveries and transfer them to the marketplace. Pennsylvania’s institutions of higher education are powerhouses of talent, ideas and innovation, and they often provide critical facilities, equipment, research and testing expertise to our client companies.

BFTP Alumni Companies

Since 1983, we have touched tens of thousands of companies, many of which have gone on to achieve global leadership, change entire industries and dramatically improve our lives.