STATE COLLEGE, PA – On May 7, 2013, the Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center (, an initiative that identifies and helps commercialize technologies that enhance responsible stewardship of the environment while creating jobs in the Commonwealth, announced the three $25,000 winners of their Innovation Contest.



Following a panel discussion on new innovations in the shale gas industry and comments offered by one of the first experts to recognize the potential of the Marcellus Shale, Dr. Terry Engelder, Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, the three winners were identified:

  • Atlantis Technologies



Developed the Radial Deionization System (RDI), which is ten times the speed, fifteen times the range, and less than half the price of previous technologies that deionize produced water from oil, gas, and mining operations.  For more info contact Patrick Curran at or 949-302-5265




  • Pyrochem Catalyst


Developed a catalyst technology for natural gas conversion to synthesis gas that has higher activity, longer life and the ability to operate under conditions that save capital and operating cost.  The Company also engineered a method for utilizing the process heat so it is not wasted.  For more info contact, Jeffrey Harrison at or 919-349-7145






The Company has contracts to source and transport liquid natural gas (LNG) via LNG transporter tankers which become a virtual pipeline to end user customers.  At the customer yard, REV LNG supplies a mobile fueling station to hold the LNG and to be used in a traditional self-serve fuel dispenser.  For more info contact Dave Kailbourne at  or call 810-599-1274.




Recalling the first Innovation Event sponsored by Ben Franklin Technology Partners and Schlumberger at the 2011 Shale Gas Insight Conference, Kathryn Klaber/CEO, of the Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC), commented, “This contest has really developed momentum and taken a significant position in assisting the Industry move forward with a series of innovations. Many thanks to Ben Franklin’s SGICC for their assistance with the Technology Showcase which will be an important part of the Shale Insight Conference this coming September. The MSC is pleased to support this event again next year.”

Bill Hall, Director of the Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center, commented, “The quality of this year’s applications was outstanding.  We appreciate the efforts of everyone that made this competition not only possible but very successful. I don’t envy the judges the job they had of trying to narrow it down to just three winners.  Congratulations to Atlantis Technologies, Pyrochem Catalyst, and REV LNG – well-done!”

The event concluded with congratulatory remarks made by Sheri Collins, Executive Director of the Technology Investment Office at the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).  Sheri commented, “Innovations such as those presented here today are exactly what we need to continue to increase job creation across Pennsylvania.  On behalf of DCED Secretary C. Alan Walker and the Corbett Administration, we applaud all who put forth the effort to submit applications to the Shale Gas Innovation Competition.”

A reception followed which included an opportunity to visit with the participating exhibitors:

  • Advanced-Tec Materials – Fire and heat resistant polyceramic foams
  • Alternative Fuel Solutions – CNG Diesel Duel Fuel Injection Tunnel for HD Trucks
  • Atlantis Technologies – Radial deionization wastewater treatment
  • ATONARP – Real-time natural gas monitoring
  • Bencor Technology – Electrolysis reactor wastewater remediation
  • Bio-Energy Holdings – -Ceptor™ Water/ Wasterwater Treatment unit
  • CALYX Bioprocess Technologies – Technology to upgrade NG syngas to fuels, lubricants and high-value chemicals
  • Clean Power Resources – CNG powered refrigeration systems for mobile transportation/ stationary systems
  • D.A. Nolt – Containment/fresh water management for drilling sites
  • Flow Data – Well automation controller with  Android-based display
  • Frack – Social environment for shale gas members
  • KCF Technologies – SmartDiagnostics®/predictive maintenance for rotating machinery
  • LaserSense – “Robust Laser Interferometer (RLI)” – measures vibration/acoustic emissions (AE) during drilling
  • Lasers for Innovative Solutions – Laser Ablation Tomography System to vaporize drill cuttings
  • Lewis Environmental – Water treatment process which removes heavy metals and sulfates
  • Nittany Laser Technologies – Laser tools for cladding the inside of O&G piping and equipment
  • Nitor Technologies – Leak Detection System for quick/accurate location of small leaks
  • Pix Controllers – Outdoor, self-contained, battery or solar operated surveillance cameras/sensors
  • ProChemTech – Electrolytic bromine generator technology
  • Pyrochem Catalyst –  Catalyst technology for NG conversion
  • REV LNG – Supplies mobile LNG fueling stations & small scale mobile

This year’s contest was co-sponsored by Ben Franklin Technology Partners (, ANGA (, Acorn Energy (, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (, CONSOL Energy (, Chesapeake Energy (, The Dow Chemical Company (, First National Bank ( ), Little Pine Resources (, the Marcellus Shale Coalition (, OSCOMP Systems (,and Praxair (